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Hygiene Grades
 Mada nonwovens combines the good product performance with low basis weight desired by hygiene manufacturers for baby diapers, adult incontinence, and feminine hygiene etc. Our high quality products for these applications are top sheet, barrier leg cuff, back sheet, care wrap and products that can be customized to meet the specific requirements.

PP based Products
• SS Hydrophilic: for top sheet and core wrap application
• SMMS Hydrophobic:  for Leg – Cuff and back sheet application
• SS Hydrophobic: for Industrial application

Medical Grades
At Mada Nonwovens, we understand the uncompromising demands of today’s medical market.
Our customers demand nonwoven products that offer comfort and strength, and can be engineered to deliver added benefits such as protection and stability to sterilization. That is exactly why Mada. Nonwoven takes the very best care when we manufacture every single nonwoven fabric, so that the health and safety of the consumer are not compromised.
Mada nonwoven can produce PP nonwovens for all medical application such as
• Surgical disposable caps
• Surgical gowns
• Surgical masks
• Surgical scrubs suits
• Surgical bed lines
• Underpads
• Wet Wipes

Products are also available with anti-static treatment. 

• Crop covers
• Plant protection
• Nonwoven blanket
• Web control blanket
• Green house shading
• Root control bags
• Biodegradable plant pots
• Capillary matting
• Landscape fabric

In the area of agriculture it is possible to use non-woven blanket fabric that is permeable of water, air and light (UV). During the vegetation period it creates microclimate optimal for plant development and growth.

Plants are protected against weather changes (brief frost), strong wind, hall and pests.
Products are made of SS nonwovens containing UV stabilizer.

• Automotive
• Building
• Cable wrapping
• Civil engineering or geotextiles
• Filtration
• Packaging
• Protective clothing
• Wipes

Examples of end use of PP nonwovens include:
Shoe leather, under layer, seat covers, sofa, mattress, cloth, disposal slippers, disposable underwear, shopping bags, etc.
Products are made from untreated SS nonwovens.

Mada nonwovens is manufacturing polyester (PET) nonwovens using the direct spun continuous filament, needle punched technology from ORV Italy.

The company has a fully equipped laboratory in which a highly skilled work force conducts all product testing and development of customized products. Mada Nonwovens provide optimum quality and technical service for all its customers.

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