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Products Highlight


Bi-component filament is comprised of two different polymers within the same fiber, extruded from the same spinneret in many patterns and combinations.

Bi-components are arranged in core and sheath pattern. While the core consists of polypropylene, the sheath is made out of polyethylene. The resulting products combine excellent strength of the filament with soft silky feel. Due to its soft nature bi-component products are mainly used in hygiene and medical applications

PET Products Range

Mada nonwovens is the largest, high quality manufacturer of PET polyester to meet the demand of the following sectors
• Roofing & water proofing
• Geotextiles
• Filtration
• Agriculture & land scaping etc.
• Separation
• GSM range 90 GSM to 500 GSM.

Mada nonwovens offers improved performance roofing products, using latest spunbond, needle punch technology.
The nonwoven fabrics are widely used to produce APP & SBS bituminous membranes for roof water proofing in construction.

Well-equipped and modern laboratories combined with a highly skilled & experienced development team allows Mada nonwovens to improve, develop and customize products to individual needs.

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