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Mada Nonwovens combines the good product performance with low basis weight desired by Hygiene manufacturers for Baby Diapers, Adult Incontinence, and Feminine Hygiene etc. Our high quality products for these applications are Top Sheet, Barrier Leg Cuff, Back Sheet, Core Wrap and products that can be customized to meet the specific requirements.

Disposable Medical Nonwovens demand high liquid barrier properties along with comfort of wear. Mada Nonwovens produces medical nonwovens meeting these requirements by offering Soft fabrics of high Hydrohead values with good Antistatic properties and Alcohol Repellency. The added advantage of using polypropylene is its heat sealability, which reduces the cost increases productivity.

Mada Nonwovens offers high Tensile Strength, high Abrasion Resistance, low Pilling Spunbond Nonwovens for industrial applications like furniture Spring pockets, Dust cover, Inner lining, Mattresses and Pillow covers, Shoe linings, Bags and many more applications one can think of. Our products can be made flame retardant and in any imaginable color.

UV Stabilized light weight, or UV stabilized dark colored, we offer Nonwovens for Crop Cover, Mulch Control, Home and Garden, Landscaping etc. The well known advantages of using UV Stabilized Spunbond nonwovens as Crop cover are that it creates a microclimate, prevents insects and bird intrusion, is air and light permeable resulting in improved yield and healthy crop. Our high basis weight dark colored fabrics used for Mulch Control, allow water to pass through and block light, thus controlling the weed and mulch.

Bicomponent filament or fiber is comprised of two different polymers within the same fiber or filament, extruded from the same spinneret in many patterns and combinations. 

Our Bicomponents are arranged in Core and Sheath pattern. The Core consists of Polypropylene and the Sheath of Polyethylene. The advantage of having Bicomponents of this configuration is that while the Polypropylene Core gives strength to the filament, the outer Polyethylene Sheath gives a soft silky feel. 

All of our Polypropylene products can be made Bicomponent. Due to its soft nature it is widely used in Hygiene and Medical applications.

Roofing Polyester & Geotextiles .
Mada Nonwovens offers improved performance Roofing Polyester & Geotextiles products, using the latest direct Spun Needlepunch technology of ORV, Italy.

The demanding requirement of Roofing Polyester such as Tensile & Tear strength, Elongation , Heat & dimensional stability , the requirement of Geotextiles such as Tensile & Bursting strength , high puncture resistance , balanced filtration & permeability properties with excellent fabric uniformity and offering resistance to chemicals generally found in their respective applications are easily met.

The enhanced properties improve the performance of our Roofing Polyester and Geotextiles right from the beginning by withstanding the installation stress to prolonging the life. .

The various well known applications of our products are Roofing and waterproofing , Road and Railway construction, Drainage and Dewatering, Erosion Control, Geomembrane Cushioning and Protection, Separation and Filtration, Landfill and Landscaping.

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